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A Family Business

PRS is part of Faber Group, a family owned company with a history dating back to 1891. Faber Group is one of Europe’s leading poolers and is also a producer of sustainable wooden products.

Our History

The story of PRS started in the mid-nineties, when the joint European polymer producers embraced a new concept for a sustainable, circular collection and recycling system. 

Next step was to find a company that could actually manage re-use and shared use on a European level. With over 100 years of experience in quality pallets, Faber Group won the bid. It built a European network of depots, suppliers, carriers and collection service centres. Together, they came up with an industry-wide concept based on standard, re-usable CP-style pallets. They called it the "Pallet Return System" which later became abbreviated to PRS.

The original participants remain customers of PRS to this day. We are proud of this heritage. Our pooling system really was created by the industry, for the industry. As a unique collaborative circular economic model that reduces waste by promoting re-use, it may be more relevant than ever. Because who knew, in 1996, that circularity would become such a crucial factor in the polymer industry of today?

Always Near

Nowadays, PRS has a presence throughout Europe, and we are always looking for new expansion opportunities. Wherever you are located, you may rest assured that our representatives are always nearby.

A Sustainable Business

The timber we use for our pallets comes from sustainable sources that are either FSC or PEFC certified. Plus, our circular pooling system for re-use and recycling is, by design, perfectly positioned to contribute to and facilitate your circularity ambitions.

Our Team

The aim of our Pooling Service Department is to provide the best possible service, with a local touch. Wherever you are in Europe, our Return System Specialists and Cirular Logistics Planners are always nearby. Need to order pallets or have pallets collected? We are just one phone call away.

In the words of our users

“As a supplier of new PRS pallets since the very start more than 20 years ago we appreciate the professionalism throughout the PRS team. We see the concept of pooling pallets as an environmental , long lasting and cost efficient solution benefitting the industry over time.”

- Stefan Nilsson, Åsljunga Pallen

Working at PRS

Eager to work in a challenging, international environment? In a company that recognises excellence and offers great career opportunities? Make sure to visit our careers page!


Need to talk to us? Feel free to give us a call. Our representatives are eager to help you!