Our purpose, mission and values

Faber Group had evolved from a production-focused company into a service-focused company, resulting in the divestment of our production companies in 2020. Going forward, we will expand our service and product portfolio, with new and innovative ways to carry the loads of our customers. As such, we strengthen our proposition. For more new customers and more market segments. Read below more about ‘Carrying impact’ – our purpose, mission & vision.

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Our Purpose: Carrying impact

We have a history of focusing on a sustainable future. We have a responsibility towards our customers and future generations to provide high-quality reusable and sustainable products and services. It is our ambition to have a positive impact with our logistics solutions for supply chains. We bring circularity into logistics and make being circular a service in a shared economy. This way we are carrying impact.

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Our mission and vision

With pooling and other circular systems we want to close the loop together with our customers while supporting their logistical challenges and sustainability goals and enabling them to focus on their core business.

We innovate and accelerate to enable the sharing of logistics services. We invest in innovative circular concepts to enhance environmental improvement at every possible opportunity.

We have an ambitious corporate social responsibility programme in place to create a positive impact, driven by the responsibility to carry with care.

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Our values

We feel responsible for people, products and the environment As a family-owned business, we are responsible for continuity, development and safety. As such, we are determined to make a positive contribution to a better world. With care, respect and sincere attention, we work towards long-term relationships and sustainable success – for our customers, our partners, our colleagues and for our environment.

Entrepreneurship, passion and teamwork challenge us to go further We have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for our trade. We’re not afraid to take the initiative and will meet any challenge head on. With a sense of fun and a positive attitude, we develop solutions that work for our customers. We do so together, with care, and with respect for each other and for our environment.

We are focused on our products, services and processes. We are always motivated to do better and to become more efficient. We deliver sustainable quality at a competitive price thanks to our commitment, our expertise and our experience. We provide the best advice for optimal results and by working with us as collaborative partners, our customers can focus on delivering their core business.