Every Pallet Counts

By collaborating with PRS, you help us to maximize the lifespan of our pallets, reduce our need for resources and minimize our joint footprint. We can only do this with your help!

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Reliable pallet supply is crucial for our customers and their networks. PRS has developed an efficient, circular pool model that optimizes pallet usage through our Pallet Return System. For the past three decades, this system has proven its effectiveness in the petrochemical industry. The success of the PRS model depends on the cooperation of end users. By optimizing pallet reuse across Europe and collaborating closely with our network partners, we ensure that our pallets are utilized in the most circular and sustainable manner. Every returned pallet truly makes a difference.

A sustainable system

The most important thing to understand is that we all share responsibility for how we use materials, products, and resources. At PRS, this responsibility means using primarily certified wood and ensuring our pallets meet high-quality standards. A quality pallet from PRS can be reused multiple times when returned by end users within the network. This reduces the need to produce new pallets and cutting more trees. After collecting our PRS pallets from the network, we inspect them at our depots and make any necessary repairs. This quality control system is designed to optimize the lifespan and reuse of our pallets.

By combining this with an efficient collection and delivery network, we remain focused on our sustainability goal of reducing CO2 emissions.

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You are part of the loop

Easy pooling is our goal. PRS takes care of the pallet pool, from supply to our customers to collection at your address, then the cycle starts again (and again). It is a cycle that must be kept going and you are part of the loop.

PRS pallets (new or reconditioned) are produced to a standard that enables them to safely carry 1375 kg and we see single pallets being used up to 8 times through the petrochemical industry product cycle.

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Meet the Team at PRS

The beating heart of PRS is the Pooling Service Department. They’re the people who provide support in your mother language and make sure collections and deliveries of pallets run as smooth as possible. To better understand who you are in contact with, we asked the colleagues what a general day looks like for them.

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Do you have pallets for collection?

Reach out to us to arrange free collections of all PRS pallets by our authorized transport partners. We also collect damaged PRS pallets.