PRS Green Label

Together with you, we want to build a sustainable network of environmentally responsible producers, converters, carriers, depots, traders and distributors. All participants in the PRS system. For this network of sustainable businesses we have created the PRS Green Label. Together, contributing to a better environment.

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What is PRS Green label?

For more than 30 years, PRS has been organising the controlled re-use and shared use of CP-type pallets for the European polymer industry. In recognition of all the parties that actively contribute to this long standing truly circular model, we have created the PRS Green Label. This label is our award for the efforts of all the active partners in our network of polymer producers, converters, distributors, suppliers , depots and carriers, actively contributing to a better environment.






Saving Around 450.000 Trees Per (1)

Through recovery, refurbishment and reuse of pallets, PRS is able to save 450,000 trees per year; around 1000 per day!

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