The PRS Green Label 2023 is out!

Knipsel Iets Meer Ruimt

12 September 2023

Today all our Green Label partners received their Green Label Certificate. Share your certificate on your socials and and show you are an ambassador of sustainability!

PRS cooperates with a network of customers, distributors, converters and transporters throughout Europe to operate an efficient pooling system. To acknowledge our partners for their cooperation in collecting and reusing the PRS pallets we hand out the PRS Green Label.

PRS partners can earn the PRS Green Label certificate. We have selected the companies who score a recovery rate of more than 65%, they are our Green Gurus! The recovery rate is the amount of PRS pallets that we have collected and received back, divided by the amount of in pool pallets that were sent. With "in pool" we mean the pallets that stay in the area where we are able to collect the pallets. Over 5.000 companies received the PRS Green Label certificate.  

Also this year the PRS Green Label received an upgrade. We designed a new personal page where all partners can download their Green Label Certificate. But that's not all, we added personalised data so our partners can find out about the difference they make by using the PRS Pooling model. An example is that they can see how many trees were saved by their effort.