Faber Group publishes 2023 Sustainability Report, showing stable performance in all areas

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05 July 2024

Faber Group, parent company of PRS, has released its Sustainability Report over 2023 to disclose its sustainability efforts, KPI’s and ambitions to all stakeholders. The report shows stable results on all areas of the Faber Group sustainability strategy, such as the development of footprint as Faber Group as a whole, per division and per type of activity.

Additionally, the 2023 report showcases the results of the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) Faber Group did for its main load carriers. These Life Cycle Analyses give a fair comparison between the footprint of our reusable and circular load carriers versus market alternatives such as one-way pallets. The LCA quantifies the footprint of the entire lifespan of the load carrier, which includes production, usage phase and end-of-life in which Faber Group ensures to dispose decommissioned load-carriers in a sustainable way. Generally, the footprint of reusable load carriers is very favourable against one-way alternatives as they are being used over and over during many cycles.

The LCA’s have been conducted by external consultancies and also have been reviewed by peer experts, to ensure an independent judgement on the correctness of the data and compliance with international ISO standards.

Another new element in the 2023 Sustainability Report is the inclusion of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Reference Index. The GRI table clearly indicates where certain data, according to the GRI standards in a Sustainability Report can be found and enables fair comparison between the sustainability performance of different companies.

With these additions Faber Group is well on its way to become compliant to the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which becomes mandatory per 2025.

The Faber Group Sustainability Report can be found on faber.group or by following this link.