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For you as a company in the polymer industry, the pressure is on to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce waste. Plus, you want to benefit from the opportunities that sustainable business practices offer. Our circular PRS network allows you to do both.



We have been in this business for a long time. Our pooling system of re-usable, high-quality pallets from sustainable sources is well-established. Now it's time to realise the full potential of this unique system. For example: when we collect pallets at polymer convertors, we can also take other materials. Plastics that can be recycled or re-used, for instance.

In the words of our users

“As a supplier of new PRS pallets since the very start more than 20 years ago we appreciate the professionalism throughout the PRS team. We see the concept of pooling pallets as an environmental , long lasting and cost efficient solution benefitting the industry over time.”

- Stefan Nilsson, Åsljunga Pallen

PRS Green Label

Together with you, we want to build a sustainable network of environmentally responsible producers, converters, carriers, depots, traders and distributors. All participants in the PRS system. For this network of sustainable businesses we have created the PRS Green Label. Together, contributing to a better environment.


Saving around


trees per year

Through recovery, refurbishment and reuse of pallets, PRS is able to save 400.000 trees per year; around 1000 per day!