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PRS Return System introduces the Green Label Award

10 juil., 2019 | publié à {heure} HEC

For companies in the polymer industry, the pressure is on to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce waste. In recognition of all the parties in the polymer industry that actively contribute to a better environment by optimally using the PRS long standing truly circular model, PRS has created the PRS Green Label.

The PRS Green label is an award for the efforts of all the active partners in PRS’s sustainable network of environmentally responsible producers, converters, carriers, depots, traders and distributors. Each doing their part to make sure the pallet reuse system of PRS works and therefore actively contributing to a better environment.

To maximise the re-use of the PRS pallets, the active participation of all network partners is essential. For example polymer producers and plastics distributors,  who provide PRS with information about where they ship the pallets. Or plastics convertors, who separate the PRS pallets and return them after use. And many other partners who enable PRS to organise efficient re-use of the pallets throughout the industry.

PRS and their Green Label partners are working towards a circular world where single use of packaging materials has been ruled and the carbon footprint has been minimized.

About PRS

Created by and for the polymer industry, PRS provides sustainable, cost-effective pallet pooling services to polymer producers across Europe. In close collaboration with most of the major polymer producers and converters, PRS works across the entire European polymer supply chain. PRS operates a Europe-wide network of service centres to dispatch, recover and refurbish reusable pallets. Focused on sustainability, waste reduction and re-use, PRS combines service and reliability, while contributing to the polymer sector’s increasingly high-priority sustainability goals. For more information, please visit

PRS is part of Faber Halbertsma group, a family owned company with a history dating back to 1891. Faber Halbertsma Group is one of Europe’s leading poolers and is also a producer of sustainable wooden products. Faber Halbertsma Group consists of several specialist pooling and production businesses. Its production businesses produce and market pallets, boxes and other packaging solutions for a wide variety of sectors; its pooling businesses (IPP, PAKi and PRS) operate extensive circular economy systems using reusable handling assets across Europe.

Faber Halbertsma Group has an annual turnover of € 327 million and employs around 900 co-workers. For more information, please visit: