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Snacks and sustainability as PRS goes to the movies to start a conversation

04 May, 2021 | published at 15:48 CET

However you like your popcorn – sweet or salty – it provides the food for thought that leads to conversations and connections, which was the thinking behind a unique cinema experience as PRS staff went to the ‘virtual movies’ from the comfort of their own homes.

The first PRS ‘Sustainable Movie Club’ was the brainchild of Hugo Lopes de Silva together with new business development manager Nikéh Schulpen to help reconnect colleagues working from home through the power of popcorn - sent to their addresses – to enjoy when they watched the thought-provoking Sir David Attenborough film, A Life On Our Planet.

Apart from the popcorn, the post-viewing discussion around sustainability, one of the key issues of the day, was something the PRS team wanted to get their teeth into, including managing director Erik Faber, who joined the debate. 

“Hugo and I came up with the idea of the PRS virtual movie club because we thought it could achieve a few goals at the same time, including connecting with colleagues again after a year of lockdowns, learning from those conversations over Teams, as well as enhancing the green image that PRS already has as part of the circular economy,” said Nikéh.

“We all chose this movie because it is easily accessible via Netflix and on YouTube, and because it is about the changing environment and what we can all do about it. The idea was that everyone watched the movie by themselves and then we organised a Teams call where we could have the conversation.

“We emailed everyone in advance and got some really enthusiastic reactions so we sent a postcard and microwave popcorn to the people who wanted to join.

Hugo, PRS’s customer service centre representative, added: “It went really well and everyone was able to speak their mind. We had some very interesting conversations and it was good to hear everyone’s perspectives, as well as providing some key deliverables into our individual lives – such as only buying seasonal food and checking on country of origin to reduce food miles, being conscious about what and how much you buy, as well as reducing our consumption of meat.

“It was also very positive that Erik Faber joined the club as it shows that investment in the environment comes from the top of our organisation as he cares about a more sustainable world and took the time to join the conversation,” he added.

The club is now looking forward to its second movie conversation and others going forward on a regular basis. 

“It was a super-simple idea, but really effective because it got people talking - we would now like to welcome our colleagues from other divisions to join this movie club as well,” added Nikéh.