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Great chemistry helps PRS secure circular economy deal with INEOS O&P UK

09 Dec, 2020 | published at 15:07 CET

A desire to create a seamless and sustainable supply chain has created a positive chemical reaction between two industry giants – INEOS O&P UK, a leading UK manufacturer of petrochemical products and PRS.

The agreement between the two will see the annual pooling of tens of thousands of sustainable wooden pallets to INEOS O&P UK’s facility at Grangemouth, near Edinburgh.  Moving from the previous single use system, PRS will now recover pallets from O&P UK customers to be reconditioned and re-used.

INEOS O&P UK is one of the biggest suppliers of polymers in Europe and part of a global business empire of 34 businesses across 183 sites in 26 countries, collectively creating a revenue approaching £66 billion.

One of the key factors behind the business selecting PRS was its commitment to the circular economy, the system of waste reduction based upon continual use of existing resources, and the high quality of the PRS pallets.

“A combination of high quality pallets and a competitive price, made for an attractive agreement,” said Rinus de Kok, commercial director of PRS Return System.

“The new partnership agreement with O&P UK is a great result. It proves that being a supplier of sustainable solutions of pallets to the polymer industry appeals to customers. That was the case 25 years ago when PRS first designed a standard pallet for the polymer industry, and it remains true today.

“INEOS O&P UK was impressed with our infrastructure and capability. Every year, a total of five million PRS pallets are moved across Europe. They are repatriated from more than 15,000 locations via our central collection service, which includes 40 depots and repair centres coordinated through a dedicated IT platform.”

Stuart Keillor, INEOS O&P UK’s Supply Chain Manager stated that, “Sustainability is at the heart of INEOS and it is fundamental to how we do business.  It is pleasing to find a packaging solution that not only fulfils our high standards on quality but also contributes to important circular economy objectives.”  

In 2019 PRS launched the ‘Green Label’ initiative to recognise the efforts made by polymer customers to reduce the industry-wide carbon footprint.

PRS, part of the Faber Halbertsma Group, launched the initiative as a ‘badge of honour’ last year for businesses in the plastic supply chains who cooperate to achieve maximum pallet recovery.  INEOS O&P UK is pleased that the new business qualifies for a Green label award.