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Katy proves that teamwork is the international language

07 Oct, 2020 | published at 09:12 CET

If business is an international language, teamwork translates as the universal narrative that boosts performance and professional development across multiple borders.

This is the experience of Katy Marques, team leader at PRS’s customer service centre in Eindhoven, whose own growth development owes a debt to the power of collaborative working.

Katy, who began work as an employee at the call centre in 2018 after spending her first year providing support to customers across the Iberian region, understands, from first-hand experience, the power of people and encouraging talent.

“I was asked if I would be interested in the role of team leader. I hadn’t applied for it because I didn’t feel I had the right level of study and experience to do it,” said Venezuelan-born Katy, who is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

However, the business had recognised her potential and had different ideas about Katy’s future.

After the encouragement from the top, Katy reconsidered and applied for the post and was promoted into the role where her day-to-day responsibilities include looking after 16 call centre personnel - who between them speak 11 languages - to help them realise their own potential in dealing with European customers across the complex polymer industry.

Supportive environment

“The business is very supportive and I was promoted to the new role in 2019. Although it has been challenging, I really enjoy the work, it is really rewarding on so many levels,” she said.

Never frightened of a challenge, Katy is also spending her evenings studying for a qualification in business administration, for which she is also learning to speak Dutch.

“The course was taught in Dutch, so I am also improving my language skills,” she added.

Now, Katy is paying forward the faith shown in her to her broader team of skilled called handlers.

“I really enjoy being able to talk to the team on a daily basis and help everyone out when there are issues with the depots or a specific customer enquiry,” she said.

Challenging times

Working remotely because of Covid-19, the challenge could seem greater, but the power of the team dynamic and support network is never far away.

“A good day for me is talking to everyone online to make sure that the team is happy, whatever challenges they are facing in different territories – it’s about being able to help troubleshoot problems and help fix issues,” said Katy.

“I do miss seeing people and the ‘how was your weekend’ conversations, but even though we are working from home, I feel somehow even closer to my team – everyone has been working really hard and is supportive of each other.

“We chat on Teams call and catch up socially as well – it’s about staying close to everyone during this time.”

When she’s not studying, Katy relaxes by going to her local gym as a way of pushing herself and managing her own wellbeing – a physical manifestation of stretching out after a day of reaching out to her team, her business and her customers.

Business is an international language and Katy’s experience of collaboration and support at PRS has translated well across customers and borders, as well as via the ether during the pandemic here great team work can be also be achieved by using Microsoft Teams.